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This Agreement will automatically bind the transaction. By submitting your purchase order deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the contents of this Transaction Agreement. I. ORDER TRANSACTION 1 Prices, specifications, and information about the products displayed on the website and booking deemed to have been first studied. 2 This Agreement shall be binding automatically when transacting and deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the contents of this Transaction Agreement. 3 Error rates and other information that caused him not update the website pages on the computer buyer because browsers / ISPs that use is considered not valid. 4 Typo that caused the price or other information considered to be untrue does not apply. 5 And stock prices are not binding for the reservation without a deposit or payment and without confirmation from 6 If necessary, reservations are obliged to give data ID / Passport or Advances. 7 Advances paid non-refundable. 8 Changes in stock, color, price and other changes are not the responsibility of if advance payments or payment has been received. 9 Reservations can be made from the entire territory served by the Courier Delivery Services are appointed. II. PAYMENT * * Method of Payment can use Banking Transfer * The currency used to transact is Rupiah (IDR) and U.S. Dollars (USD). * right to refuse payment transactions using a currency other than Rupiah. * All product prices listed on website yet termausk shipping. (See provisions postage) III. Pay has Lunas 1. Having considered Lunas Pay (Cash Before Delivery / CBD) is that if the money payment is received by match the amount actually paid. (Prices of the products listed on the website postage) 2. Payment can be paid in cash or by bank transfer the appropriate amount. 3. Payment by U.S. Dollar (USD) only through international payments (e-currency) sperti paypal / egold Bank Transfer 1. Payment via bank transfer can only be made to accounts owned with the appropriate currency. 2. Bank transfer is considered to have paid off if it had been accepted (into account) in accordance with the payment amount. 3. Failure writing accounts and other information or omission of the Bank is not the responsibility of 4. Buyer must submit Proof of Transfer, if deemed necessary. 5. Evidence of the original transfer and stored by Pemesan considered Proof of Payment Order. III. CANCELLATION TRANSACTION * Transactions may be canceled only if the goods do not tell us. For aborted transactions, subject to cancellation Fines that have been set * Cancellation of confirmation at the time of purchase (just after the order bookings made) Cancellation Penalties are not imposed. * Cancellation of the transaction can only be done by phone. * Cancellations due to rising prices, stock up, or product specification errors are not subject to cancellation Fines, and the money is returned full. * right to refuse a transaction if it is necessary (because of the strong reasons which can not mentioned) and if you have done repayment or deposit will be fully refunded. IV. DELIVERY OF GOODS * Goods order will be sent after payment in full and the product has passed the examination. * Goods will be sent to the address given at the time of booking. * An error in giving the lead to address the goods are not up to (not accepted) is not the responsibility of * Damaged during shipment will be given if the item is equipped with Asurasi Shipping. * Old processes and procedures for the maintenance of Shipping Insurance is subject to regulations applicable in the courier used. V. About GUARANTEE OF GOODS 1. does not replace the defective goods in because of delivery by courier, but will replace what if something goes wrong shipment caused by the negligence like, colors do not match those ordered, model and materials not in accordance with demand / sepesifikasi products on the website. 2. will indemnify the product back postage prices on products that have baharkan, after the product termia well.



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